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Show Me Your Glory: God's Love is Loyal



 Read Psalm 36:5-7.

  • How do these verses describe the loyal love of God?
  • How do you experience this kind of love from God? 

Read Psalm 103:6-18.

  • How is forgiveness related to God’s loyal love?
  • Why do you think God’s loyal love is given to those who fear him?
  • Verse 18 refers to God’s covenant with the people. Why should we remember the covenant terms when praising God for His loyal love? 


Read John 17:1-5.

  • What is the focus of Jesus’ prayer?
  • How does he glorify the Father?
  • How is this prayer a description of Jesus’ loyal love to the Father and to those who are given eternal life? 
  • Read Ephesians 2:1-5.
  • What are the benefits we receive because of Christ’s work?
  • How is this a demonstration of God’s mercy and love? 

Bible Scholar Tim Mackie says, “It’s the kind of love that someone demonstrates when they’re keeping a promise, and when their desire to be loyal to their promise motivates them to go above and beyond and be super generous, more than what you would expect—that’s KHESED (LOYAL LOVE).”

  • How is Jesus the fulfillment of God’s loyal love


  • Read 2 Samuel 9:1-7.
  • David wants to honor his covenant with his friend Jonathan who is no longer alive. How does he choose to do so?
  • What kind of relationships do you have that are worthy of this kind of love? 
  • Read John 21:15-19.
  • Before Jesus was crucified Peter denied knowing Him three times. What is Jesus doing for Peter here?
  • Why do you think He is asking Peter if he loves Him?
  • What kind of love do you think Jesus is calling Peter to? (Note: there is no Greek word equivalent to khesed.) 
  • Have you pledged your loyal love to God in response to His loyal love given to you in Christ?
  • Do you think that is what it means to accept the grace offered to us in Christ? 

Read Mark 8:34-37.

  • What is Jesus calling his disciples to do in this passage?
  • Do you think loyal love is needed to follow Jesus in this way?
  • How do you consider this commitment as you daily follow Jesus?