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Week Five

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil...


Sermon: A Generous Host

Study: Psalm 23 Verse Five

Discussion Guide

Digital Discussion Guide

Paul warns the Ephesians not to be filled with wine, but to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Recall that the verb here “to be filled” is an ongoing, continuous action. Why do you think Paul cautions his flock in this way? 

Think about a time when you experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit and share this with your group. 

In this world, there will always be things that we face that can be irritating to us, such as issues at work, our commutes, or relationships with people in our lives. These irritants can be like a nasal fly that's always about us causing us to lose our peace and contentment. Are you currently facing a situation that you find irritating? Consider sharing this situation with your group and lifting it up to our Good Shepherd in prayer.

Read Psalm 1. Discuss in your group challenges and benefits to applying these truths to our lives. 

The author describes how like sheep rub heads with other sheep, we can “rub heads with” the world around us. We can be negatively influenced through relationships, media, news outlets, social media, etc., infecting us with worldly influences, in particular, affecting our minds. Are there some influences that we need to ask the Holy Spirit to help remove and to cleanse our minds from?

Similar to a flock of sheep, members of the body of Christ can experience rivalry, disagreement, and dissension at times. Causes may include jealousy, ambitions to get ahead of or be better than other believers in various areas. In these situations, we need the presence of the Holy Spirit to help us maintain the unity of the Spirit. What does the Bible have to say about how we are to solve disagreements? What has been your experience when you have witnessed obedience to God's way? What have you seen happen when people handle problems and disagreements in ways that conflict with the Bible's teachings?