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Family News

Announcements from the body.


  • Sympathies to Rick & Bernadette Gosselin and Joe & Melynda Bernardi in the passing of Rick’s brother and Melynda’s uncle, Robert Gosselin.

  • Sympathies to Jim and Linda Riggs in the passing of Linda’s brother, Joey Kwasnycia.

  • Sympathies to Deb McGurk in the passing of her step-father, Joseph Weinburger. 

  • Sympathies to Pat and Lu Jamieson in the passing of Pat’s sister, Mary Grace Ross. 

  • Sympathies to Schmidt family in the passing of Robin Schmidt. 

  • Sympathies to Darlene Norton and family in the passing of Tom Norton, Darlene’s husband.

  • Sympathies to the family of Mary Brown in her recent passing. 

  • Sympathies to Jean Nichols, Toni and John Burlison in the passing of Ray Nichols.

  • Sympathies to the family of Shirley Cates in her recent passing.

  • Sympathies to LaVern Ross and family in the passing of George Ross.