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Family News

Announcements from the body.

Family News


  • Sympathies to Michael and Terry Worosz in the passing of Terry’s mother, Barbara Smith. The memorial service for Barbara will be at Cornerstone on Monday, August 8 at 11:00 AM with visitation beginning at 10:00 AM and a luncheon following the service.

  • Sympathies to the Hubbard Family in the passing of Greg's mother, Carol Hubbard.

  • Sympathies to Sharon Chalifour in the passing of her nephew Frankie Kranick.

  • Sympathies to Sharon Curtiss and family in the passing of her husband Bob Curtiss.

  • Sympathies to Ken & Susan Kubeck in the passing of Susan's mother, Stella Kemp.

  • Sympathies to Rob & Lynn Vaughn in the passing of Lynn's father, David Charles.

  • Sympathies to Bill & Jeff Frederick in the passing of Bill's wife & Jeff's mother, Patti Frederick.

  • Sympathies to Ruth Pennington in the passing of her husband, Lawrence (Larry) Pennington. Larry was also father to Pam (Matt) Folkert.

  • Sympathies to the Linard Family in the passing of Laurie Linard.

  • Sympathies to Carol Johns in the passing of her husband Frank Johns.