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Elders, Deacons & Trustees


The ministry of the Elders is one of spiritual oversight. 

The Elders function primarily as discerners and guardians of the church, committed to the congregation's spiritual welfare. They are not expected to oversee specific projects or ministry areas in their capacity as Elders. They function as overseers for the entire organization. The Elders evaluate the effectiveness and direction of the organization according to Cornerstone’s mission, resources, and doctrine. When the Elders meet as a decision-making body, they are called Session, which will consist of nine to ten, Ruling Elders and the Pastors (Teaching Elders).  The congregation elects ruling Elders to a three-year term.

Cornerstone Elders

dave andrews


MiKE Beck

Rachelle Brown

dan forster

rachael hubbard



Mark Smith (Clerk of Session)


The ministry of the Trustees is one of provision. 

The Trustees enable others' ministry by providing three important “tools” for ministry: finances, facilities (building & property), and legal affairs. Members of the Board of Trustees normally, but not always, possess experience in one of the following areas: business, accounting, construction, facility management, human resources, investments, money management, or law. The congregation elects trustees to a three-year term. The Trustees are accountable to the Elders. 

Cornerstone Trustees

Holly Houtman


bob kozal


Stephen Mahan


mark smet

tom titus

Andy Warner


The ministry of the Deacons is one of sympathy and service. 

The Deacons visit the sick, provide financial assistance to people in need, prepare the Lord’s Supper for worship services, host funeral luncheons, and generally provide ministries of help and compassion. The congregation elects deacons to a three-year term. The Deacons are accountable to the Elders. 

Cornerstone Deacons

Lori Aghababian

Lyle Albrant

Lisa Allison

Steve and Chris Anneshensley

Tim Anthony

Nancy Armour

Debbie Bachman

Steve and Marge Breault

Karen Brietzke

Diane Bruce

Cindy Burnett

Gail Cadieux

Pat Campbell

Lois Coulter

Lou Crenshaw

Susan Cummings

Mike and Susan Cusick

Lois Davenport

Heidi DeVita

Ryan and Tracy Eckel

Marlan and Judy Fedraw

Christina Ferris

Chris Fleming

Ryan Fogoros

Richard and Sharon Forde

Ken and Maria Foster

Sandra Gasparotto

Lynn Gates

Nick Geers

Richard Gibes

Phil and Kathy Graves

Jim and Linda Gutting

Bill and Jo Ellen Hansen

Joe Hardwick

Kathy Herig

Mike Hiler

Marty and Sue Imhof

Rania Jacobs

Stacey Klein

Linda Kofahl

Teresa Krieger-Burke

Ken and Susan Kubek

Sonja Kurtz

Frank Lee

Mark Lindauer

Thomas Litzinger

Patti Lurvey

Ken McDaniel

Deb McGurk

Evan and Pamela Meyer

Beth Michels

Sandy Morgan

Amy Morlock

Mark and Nancy Oeffner

Janet Oswalt

Kitty and Robert Padget

Mark and Nanette Paladino

Karen Peck

Diane Perry

Corey and Morgan Pickering

Dan and Sonia Posthuma

Mike and Jane Potee

Ethan and Noelle Puschell

Jim and Linda Riggs

Brad and Cindy Robinson

Rich and Pat Rogge

Andrew Rolfe

Anna Maria Sala

Alex and Janalen Samson

Pam Sexton

George and Karen Steeves

Ken and Beth Stevens

Lindsay Stokes

David and Lisa Sybert

Rosemary and Tom Tarrant

Derrick Tietz

Betty Varner

Rob Vaughn

Brandon and Nicole Wallace

Dan and Cindy Williams

Larry Windle

Roy Young