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Unexpected Hope Sermon Series

Thy Kingdom Come

november 27, 2022 | Pastor chris winans | daniel 9

Sermon Review

  1. Who are the two angel’s names in scripture and what are they known for as Pastor Chris outlined?

  2. Why is Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9 considered a model of how we can pray?
  3. What was Daniel praying for?
  4. What 3 books of the Bible did Pastor Chris quote that we can we look to find out God’s promises to His people if they turn and repent from their sin:

  5. Read Daniel 9:24-26.  In what two ways can we interpret what “Seventy weeks” or "seven sevens" means; see reference in verse 25 and verse 26.
  6. True or False:  According the to the chronological interpretation of Daniel 9:24, the end of the exile was when King Cyrus of Persia issued an edict in 538 B.C.E. allowing the exiled Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their city and their temple (2Chr 36:23, Ezra 1:1-4, Ezra 6:3-5).
  7. What two things does the Jubilee accomplish?
  8. Write out the New Testament passage that Pastor Chris quotes as having the same message as fulfilling the same purposes as the Jubilee.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. If God has a plan for us, how important is our prayers in the carrying out of those plans?
  2. Daniel confesses in (9:4). What is the relationship between our sin and the difficult things we experience?
  3.  When we experience restoration, what is restored?  What are we freed from? How is our restoration made possible? What is the purpose of our restoration?