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Sermon Guide

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Walk His Way Sermon Series

Living With the Grain

august 7, 2022 | Pastor chris winans | ephesians 4:25-32

Sermon Review

  1. True or False:  Studies show we lie every day.
  2. True or False:  Studies show married people lie less to each other than unmarried people.
  3. True or False:  Studies show women lie about themselves more than men.
  4. When we tell the truth we are living according to God’s ________________________.
  5. Our lies go against the grain and will produce _____________________________.
  6. Circle the letters that are true:
  7. Alienation from God is our fundamental cause for personal and societal brokenness.
  8. Lack of education and bigotry are primary causes of brokenness.
  9. God can cure our hard hearts and darkened understanding.
  10. The proper object of understanding is what is true.
  11. The proper object of understanding is defined by our world’s experts.
  12. The proper object of our heart is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
  13. The proper object of our heart is “the good.”
  14. We decide what is “the good.”
  15. Only God can decide and define what is “the good.”
  16. Modern people believe there is a fixed moral reality that they will be judged by.
  17. Pick the true answer:
  18. “The good” is what will satisfy us.
  19. God is “the good.”
  20. Living in truth with ourselves means we must admit that we are _____________, redeemed by the grace of ________, through the finished work of ___________ __________.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think evading a direct answer is a lie? As an example, when asked to attend an event, we reply, “I’ll think about it.”
  2. Describe how a lie that you witnessed produced brokenness.
  3. What are some reasons why being alienated from God must bring brokenness?
  4. How do we exchange the lies we believe and practice with what is true?
  5. Discuss the approach with others that our Pastor talked about in today’s sermon.