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The Shine construction and renovation project is underway!

Update December 30th, 2023

Shine Project Updates

  • Please DO NOT walk any new concrete until Easter morning. We have been asked to stay off it so it has maximum time to cure due to the colder evenings.
  • The Celebration Center is ALMOST ready, but please do not walk in the room as there are many final details that need to be resolved. Our goal is to have it open for use on Easter Sunday!
  • If you are able, please park at the School parking lot on the campus, to leave more room for our guests and silver saints in the main parking lot. Thank you!
  • The main doors to the Sanctuary are locked for Encounter. Please park/enter at the school end of the building and enter through the Blue Awning or at the door by the “Orange Floaty Guy”! :)
  • The Celebration Center doors are locked during renovations, there is no entry or exiting from these doors please plan and park accordingly.

Update December 17, 2023

Groundbreaking Ceremony Sunday July 16, 2023

Over 300 people were on hand to witness a beautiful celebration! Here are a few photos from the ceremony, these taken by Laura Muhlek- thank you Laura!

Thank you Charter Members of Cornerstone EPC!

Donald A. Adams

Gladys J. Adams (Mrs. Donald)

Patricia Adams

Elliot Anderson

Dianne Arman

Brooks E. Armstrong

Buford C. Armstrong

Daran B. Armstrong

Gayle Suzanne Armstrong (Mrs. Buford)

Priscilla J. Armstrong (Mrs. Daran)

Kathleen J. Aron (Mrs. Randy)

Randy S. Aron

Janice Avis (Mrs. Robert)

Robert Avis

Marilyn S. Baal

Richard Baal

Holly R. Ballast (Mrs. Marvin)

Marvin D. Ballast

Karen Barney (Mrs. Timothy)

Patricia L. Barnsdale (Mrs. Ronald)

Ronald C. Barnsdale

Leslie D. Benedict (Mrs. Paul)

Pamela Ann Bentley (Mrs. Steve)

Deanna J. Birdsong

Jacque Bischak (Mrs. Mark)

Mark Bischak

Marsha D. Blaisdell (Mrs. Ronald)

Ronald L. Blaisdell

Cheryl Boyer (Mrs. Curtis)

Curtis Boyer

Jeanne Brady (Mrs. Mike)

Elizabeth A. Brewer (Mrs. Timothy)

Patricia J. Brock (Mrs. Thomas)

Thomas A. Brock

Andrew J. Brown

James S. Brown

Jennifer A. Brown (Mrs. Andrew)

Susan E. Brown (Mrs. James)

Elta M. Browne (Mrs. Gerald)

Gerald W. Browne II

Gerald W. Browne

Nancy Brownsey (Mrs. Robert)

Robert J. Brownsey

Barbara Chambers (Mrs. Ralph)

Ralph Chambers

Edward L. Chappel

Edward L. Chappel Jr.

Julie Chappel (Mrs. Edward Jr.)

Nancy L. Chappel (Mrs. Edward)

Bonnie Cheyne (Mrs. John)

John Cheyne

Elizabeth Chiasson

David M. Commire

Barbara Ann Cox (Mrs. James)

Barbara Rene Cox

James E. Cox

Suzanne Ray Cox

Doris H. Crow (Mrs. John)

John R. Crow

Joseph P. Cruzen

Marie Cruzen (Mrs. Joseph)

Margaret Davey (Mrs. Max)

Max Davey

Charles E. Dean

Dennis N. Denkhaus

Sandra S. Denkhaus (Mrs. Dennis)

Frank J. Diceglie

Margaret E. Diceglie (Mrs. Frank)

Beverly D. Dietrich (Mrs. Fred)

Fred R. Dietrich

Janet E. Drain (Mrs. Arthur)

Judith Y. English (Mrs. Robert)

Robert A. English

James Foote

Sally Foote (Mrs. James)

Kay C. Gallinger

Ruth Anne Gallinger (Mrs. Ken)

Geoffry Gelina

Shari R. Gelina (Mrs. Geoffry)

Charles L. Gray III

Charles L. Gray Jr.

Judy A. Gray (Mrs. Charles Jr.)

Susan D. Green (Mrs. Wallace)

Wallace A. Green

Janet J. Griffin (Mrs. Mark)

Mark L. Griffin

Linda R. Groth (Mrs. Paul)

Paul E. Groth

Paul E. Groth II

Craig A. Haitz

Mary A. Haitz (Mrs. Craig)

Michael G. Halloran

Michele L. Halloran (Mrs. Michael)

Roy L. Hawthorne

Susan C. Hawthorne (Mrs. Roy)

Carol S. Hendrickson (Mrs. Wayne)

Wayne R. Hendrickson

Nancy E. Hueber (Mrs. Thomas)

Thomas E. Hueber

Bruce E. Hutchins

Carloyn M. Hutchins (Mrs. Bruce)

Elaine A. Johnson (Mrs. Stephen)

Cynthia J. Jonckheere (Mrs. David)

David C. Jonckheere

Michael D. Jonckheere

Janet M. Juday (Mrs. William)

Nancy J. Keegan (Mrs. Ken)

Betty J. Kemper (Mrs. William)

William P. Kemper

Kimberly A. Kennedy

Jon A. Kloosterhouse

Vicki Kloosterhouse (Mrs. Jon)

Mary P. Kragt (Mrs. Michael)

Michael J. Kragt

Virginia L. Lambert (Mrs. William)

William F. Lambert

Gregory R. LaMirand

Michelle L. LaMirand (Mrs. Gregory)

Charles Lindquist 

Elizabeth J. Lindquist (Mrs. Charles)

Harald H. Lorenz

Carole Maddux (Mrs. James)

James Maddux

Lynn Marshall

Scott A. Maschke

Herman L. Maupin

Marjorie Maupin (Mrs. Herman)

Greg McDonald

Lynn McDonald (Mrs. Greg)

Danette Moon

Doug E. Muller

Michelle J. Muller

Sharon A. Muller (Mrs. William H.)

William A. Muller

William H. Muller

Patrick J. Munro

Susan D. Munro (Mrs. Patrick)

Kara L. Murtagh

Kathleen E. Murtagh

Kevin Murtagh

Kristin A. Murtagh

Margaret D. Murtagh (Mrs. Paul)

George A. Nadzan, Jr.

Judith C. Nadzan (Mrs. George)

Cynthia K. Nelsen (Mrs. James)

James M. Nelsen

Shirley Oesterle

Gail L. Olson (Mrs. Roger)

Mark Opachak

Barbara J. Osborn (Mrs. George)

George E. Osborn, Jr.

Bill T. Page

Pamela A. Page (Mrs. Bill)

Loraine M. Palmu (Mrs. Matti)

Matti T. Palmu

Tracy A. Paulauski

Mark Prince

Bonnie Prince (Mrs. Mark)

James R. Proos

Sue Proos (Mrs. James)

Harry M. Reed

Sue L. Reed (Mrs. Harry)

Maribeth R. Regnier (Mrs. Joseph)

Marlene K. Rein

Donald Restauri, Jr.

Donald Restauri

Madolyn Restauri (Mrs. Donald)

Marchelle Restauri (Mrs. Donald, Jr.)

Nancy L. Restum (Mrs. Ronald)

Ronald A. Restum

Scott A. Restum

Denise A. Rice (Mrs. Gary)

Gary D. Rice

Amy E. Rohland

Deborah S. Rohland

June E. Rohland (Mrs. Robert)

Robert A. Rohland

Betty G. Rummel (Mrs. Stephen)

Stephen P. Rummel

David A. Savage

Joyce Savage (Mrs. David)

Shirley R. Schrader

Gary R. Schulkins

Karen S. Schulkins

Barbara Sechrist (Mrs. James)

James Sechrist

Katherine L. Shanahan (Mrs. Michael)

Michael D. Shanahan

Paul C. Sheng

Rebecca Y. Sheng (Mrs. Paul)

Donna L. Sjolund (Mrs. Donald)

J. Donald Sjolund

Scott C. Somerville

Thomas M. Somerville

Verna E. Somerville (Mrs. Thomas)

Daniel G. Steinacker

Ruth Ann Steinacker (Mrs. Daniel)

Virginia M. Strobe

Carol Tisch (Mrs. Ray)

Paul Tisch

Ray Tisch

Mary Ellen VanStempvoort (Mrs. Phillip)

Phillip D. VanStempvoort

Patricia E. Vargo (Mrs. Vern)

James G. Walker

Susan S. Walker (Mrs. James)

April Westerman

Doris Westerman (Mrs. Jerry)

Jerry Westerman

Janet A. Whitfield

Lynda J. Widmayer (Mrs. Daniel)

Sheryl Sue Wilkewitz

Daniel J. Williamson

Karen S. Wolthuis (Mrs. Kenneth)

Kenneth R. Wolthuis

Arlene C. Wood (Mrs. Arlene)

David B. Wood

Douglas R. Young

Judith A. Young (Mrs. Ralph)

Pamela L. Young (Mrs. Douglas)

Ralph J. Young

Bruce Zapor

Judith Zapor (Mrs. Bruce)


July 14, 2023

Check out this fantastic article about our Groundbreaking from WHMI- thank you Pam McConeghy for having WHMI contact us!


July 14, 2023

More pictures of progress:

July 6, 2023

Our phasing plan is underway, the new well is being finalized, and the school end of our campus has been cleared out and is ready to undergo the planned renovations.

Thanks to Greg from Adams Drilling for the hard work!


Phasing Plan from 3-21-23


Special SHINE Podcast Episode


A Letter from Pastor Chris

Jesus is the light of the world, and He promises that whoever follows him will never walk in darkness but have the light of life. His light is the truth that exposes the darkness of lies. His light is life that overcomes the darkness of death. His light is wisdom that illumines the darkness of foolishness. His light is hope that lifts the darkness of despair. 

In a time when the darkness around us is deepening, Cornerstone Church exists to be a beacon of light for the gospel. Toward that end, this SHINE initiative seeks to steward and cultivate the God-given resources of our campus for the purpose of discipleship and mission. We believe Cornerstone Church exists for such a time as this, as we have the opportunity to partner together to ensure that the light of Christ shines brightly in Livingston County for generations to come. To God be the glory. 

- Chris Winans

Let us know your commitment to support the SHINE Initiative financially over the next two years.



Video Devotionals

This 5-week series led by Pastor Matt Grimm serves as a companion piece for our SHINE series.

Be sure to download the study guide below!


Additional Materials for Download