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Week Three

He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.


Sermon: Go be The Blessing

Study: Psalm 23 Verse Three

Discussion Guide

Digital Discussion Guide

Read Matthew 7:13-14. In what ways do you find yourself pursuing comfort as a goal in your life with Jesus? 

Read 2 Timothy 2:1-7. Of the three metaphors Paul uses to encourage us as Christians in our walk: 1) having the readiness of a soldier, 2) training such as an athlete for an eternal prize, and 3) being hardworking like a farmer to reap a bountiful harvest, which depiction do you find the most relatable and/or convicting? Discuss with your group.

Think about a time worldly ideas and/or possessions weighed you down and were encumbering, perhaps causing you to be spiritually cast. How can we counteract this type of spiritual attack? (read Luke 12:15 and Romans 12:2

Read Revelation 3:17. How can pursuing worldly success be dangerous for us spiritually? 

Share in your group any struggles, either now or in the past, that caused you to become cast. This may include pursuing comfort, accumulating things, experiencing worldly success, or any other reason(s). 

There is great power in the sentence, “He restores my soul.” The soul is the deepest part of us, our innermost being. There are many self-help books, some of which are good, but why do you think it is only God that can truly, "restore our souls"?

In Mark ch 2 a paralytic is brought before Jesus. Jesus knows the deepest needs of this man’s heart. Before Jesus heals his physical body, Jesus tells him that his sins are forgiven. How can we come before Jesus so that he can meet our deepest needs? How has he not only met your spiritual needs, but also your physical needs?