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Week Two

He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters


Sermon: The Restoring Shepherd

Study: Psalm 23 Verse Two

Discussion Guide

Digital Discussion Guide

Think about a time you had trouble sleeping because of a situation you were facing in your life. Why can it be so hard to sleep during these difficult times? 

Pastor Winans (and the author) discuss how sheep need to have four requirements met to be able to lay down and rest. They need freedom from fear, freedom from tension, freedom from pests and freedom from hunger. Share a time when the Good Shepherd met you where you were and brought you freedom in one of these areas. How did you experience rest, peace, and/or contentment? 

Read Galatians 5:13-15. How do relational tensions keep us from resting in the Lord? How does taking the position of a servant allow us to rest in the Lord ad love Him?

Read Matthew 4:4. Pastor Winans says this means that we are not meant to be sustained by food alone. We have other needs, both spiritual and emotional. God desires us to be nourished in all these areas. What things of this world are we tempted to fill ourselves with to satisfy our longing to be nourished emotionally and spiritually? 

The Holy Spirit, in His mercy to us, has given us the ability to be nourished both spiritually and emotionally: 1) through His Word, 2) through relationships with others, 3) through prayer, and 4) in inviting the Holy Spirit to be with us. In what area(s) of your life do feel malnourished? How could you invite Jesus into this area of your life? 

You may be facing a current situation that needs prayer. Share with your group and pray to invite the Good Shepherd into that situation in which you are: 1) afraid, 2) experiencing relational tension, 3) dealing with something that is not your fault, or 4) needing to be filled not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.